Simultaneous Interpretation

Delegates will indicate the official language they will use to present and submit their competition deliverables upon registration. Bilingual judges will be used where possible, however, English <-> French interpretation will be provided for all Francophone competition presentations, debates where a Francophone team is competing, and the final awards banquet. Delegates will be provided with a personal headset to access interpretation where available.

Zen Room

The Zen Room will give participants a space to recharge their social battery during competition weekend. Given the unforeseen circumstances of the past two years, anxiety and stress have been at an all-time high for everyone. The Zen Room will be a quiet area in the Fredericton Convention Centre with individual pods located at the back of the room for competitors to take a moment for themselves. A member of the OC with psychological first aid training will be available in a designated area in the Zen room. All are welcomed and encouraged to visit the Zen Room on Saturday or Sunday while at the Fredericton Convention Centre!

Networking Pods

In the Point Saint-Anne Atrium, located on the second floor of the Fredericton Convention Centre, there will be networking pods set up all day on Saturday and Sunday. These networking pods will provide a place for you to break the ice with your fellow delegates and connect with a sponsor or judge!


Flights to and from YFC Fredericton International Airport will be eligible for Air Canada flight discounts using the code provided upon registration. All transportation between venues during the competition weekend will be provided. However, transportation to and from the airport is the responsibility of the delegate.

Contact Us

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